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My newest book, YesterCanada: Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure, was also published by Borealis Press of Ottawa. It presents 30 historical tales spanning this great land and the centuries from the 1200s to the 1900s.

Here are a few of the mysteries you'll find in its pages.


-Where in the icy Arctic is the lost Vancouver-based ship Baychimo?​

​-Who rang the chapel bell in Tadoussac, Quebec one foggy April night in 1782?


​-Why did a Minnesota farmer abandon his farm, walk to Saskatchewan, and build an ocean-going ship far from any ocean?

​​In YesterCanada you'll also meet adventurers like:​​

-Ontario's daring Lady Agnes

-a Nova Scotia Noah and his ark

-ill-fated gold-seekers of Alberta

-the Manitoba Cree chief who gave his life for the woman he loved

YesterCanada is 248 pages, $19.95 paperback, published in 2016 by Borealis Press of Ottawa, ISBN 978-0-88887-650-8. Ask for it in a store or library, or order online from: 

​ ​




Chapters Indigo  


Borealis Press

E-book coming later. 

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Consider the Sunflowers


My 1940s-era novel Consider the Sunflowers is a story of love, Mennonites, and family. It paints a colourful picture of life on the home front during World War II and after.

As the story opens, it's 1940 and Tina Janz doesn't want to marry the man her pious Mennonite parents have chosen for her. He's as boring as turnips compared with the dashing half-Gypsy Frank Warkentin. Obsessed with Frank, Tina leaves her job in Vancouver and marries him. However, her joy is soon overshadowed by loneliness on Frank's farm in the prairie community of Coyote, Saskatchewan.


When Frank shuns local Mennonites because some of them scorn his mixed parentage, Tina feels torn between her Mennonite heritage and her husband. Their son's death drives the couple farther apart. Then Tina's former boyfriend shows up, setting off a series of events that send her and Frank stumbling toward a new understanding of love, loyalty, faith, and freedom.

Consider the Sunflowers is 299 pages, $19.95 paperback, published in 2014 by Borealis Press of Ottawa, ISBN 978-0-88887-575-4. Ask for it in a bookstore or library.  Or order online:

-Chapters Indigo

-Borealis Press

E-book coming later.

YesterCanada front cover. Scan by Robert
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