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Consider the Sunflowers is "a must-read for those who appreciate a good love story enhanced with adventure and historical accuracy." – Columnist and author Ray Wiseman


Consider the Sunflowers "effectively evokes many aspects of Mennonite life in the 40s, and moves well."–Helen Martens, author and professor emeritus at Conrad Grebel (Mennonite) College


"I get a light, never forced, humour from the writing."–Author George Marshall


Consider the Sunflowers "is a skillfully crafted literary novel that opens a window onto small-town life in World War Two-era western Canada....Tina's and Frank's efforts to save their marriage will resonate with readers today." Author Janet Sketchley


The final pages of Consider the Sunflowers "trace Mennonite history from 1525 to the present and will be of special interest to those with a Mennonite background or anyone interested in church history. The study questions included make this an especially good choice for a book club or literature class."–Author and former librarian Joan Soggie




The author signing copies of Consider the Sunflowers in Chapters bookstore, Kamloops, British Columbia

CONSIDER THE SUNFLOWERS paints a colourful  picture of life on the home front during World War II and beyond.


As the story opens, it's 1940 and Tina Janz will do almost anything to marry the dashing half-Gypsy Frank Warkentin, even defy her pious Mennonite parents. Unfortunately Frank doesn't seem likely to propose on his own. Summoning all her courage, Tina leaves her job in Vancouver and launches a daring campaign to get him to the altar.


She and Frank walk the aisle one sunny afternoon in August, but Tina soon feels as blue as the wallpaper in her kitchen. Frank's farm in the prairie community of Coyote, Saskatchewan, is bleak and lonely. She tries to ease her isolation by socializing with local Mennonites, but Frank shuns them because some of them scorn his mixed parentage. Forced to choose between her Mennonite heritage and her husband, Tina feels her faith slipping away.


When tragedy strikes, Tina becomes angry with God and abandons her Mennonite beliefs altogether. Frank, discouraged about the marriage he never fully committed to, hires a neighbour to work the farm and leaves for a mining job in Montana.


Is there any hope for Tina and Frank's relationship? What happens when she rediscovers feelings for a former Vancouver boyfriend? Consider the Sunflowers is a story of love longed for, found, disappointed, and ultimately transformed.


Consider the Sunflowers is 299 pages, $19.95 paperback, publisher Borealis Press of Ottawa, ISBN 978-0-88887-575-4. If you order through a bookstore or library, you may not need to pay for shipping.


You can also order online from

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Consider the Sunflowers: Elma Schemenauer: 9780888875754: Books -
































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